The History of Jubilate Performing Arts


Laya Field, a retired musician, began volunteering at Christ Anglican Church in Carefree, Arizona in 2007. Her mission was to start a children’s choir that would sing at services once a month. Very quickly she realized that there was an extreme deficit in musical understanding in children, parents and grandparents that appeared to her to reach across the country. She has been working to correct this deficit since that time.


The Jubilate program began with a few students learning to match pitch on Saturdays. “Jubilate Performing Arts” was then created with the help of Christ Anglican Church and five instructors who share the same vision. The program has expanded to include classes in: Music Theory, The Jubilate Violin Orchestra, Advanced String Orchestra, The Jubilate Chorus, Harp Ensemble,  Violin, Voice, Viola, Cello, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Recorder, Classic Guitar, Piano, Acting Classes and Summer Performing Arts Workshop, bringing young actors and musicians together to learn collaboration through performance.


Jubilate Performing Arts classes are traditional. Recitals are small and intimate with a focus on communication. Jubilate Performing Arts teaches the fundamentals of music theory and reading music, as well as acting and performance technique. The intention of Jubilate Performing Arts is to enrich the lives of children and young adults, strengthening their hearts and minds through music and performing arts, and thereby support music and performing arts in our community.